Sedie Blunt Former Student.

( Sedie Came to us shortly after he aged out of the foster care/youth probation system he is now 22, has attended college, and is no longer institutionalized in the criminal justice system he has also lost over 100lbs)

“Walking into the YJC for the first time I was a whopping 410lbs with a whole lot of anger inside me with growing up in foster care always being told I would not amount to anything i couldn’t be anything I was fat ugly used to get teased over the fact that family was a foreign subject to me growing up being placed in home after home and to walk in the doors of an establishment , where almost everyone is more together then you are , and not be judged just welcomed with open arms it was awesome my first few months on the mat were the hardest I was the biggest thing in there (besides David’s personality of course haha) yet everyone was patient with me showed me ways I could improve even when class was over almost 2 hours ago … and it wasn’t just a gym for 95% of us it was home I felt apart of something a lot more … you have to understand that growing up and having nothing to all of a sudden haven 20-30 family members who take you in on holidays joke around with you and treat you nothing less then family it was an amazing experience I can honestly say if I didn’t walk in those doors when I did I don’t know where I’d be I was heading down an awful path in and out of trouble and fights could not stand authority and now… I’m calm collected my anger is almost nonexistent and real nonchalant in situations that a few years ago would have made me blow a gasket I’m thankful for the YJC I’m thankful for the family it has given me and I’m thankful that David can continue to spread the greatness of Jiu-Jutsu to others A lot of people say this but for me it is absolutely the truth Jiu-Jutsu saved my life made me a better person it had made me confident It has forced me to become comfortable being out of my comfort zone and most of all it’s a bond like no other Thank you”

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